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At Core Atlantic Inspections, the way we do our business is in our name: “Core” stands for our values and how we want to provide home inspection service to our clients. Our business and quality of work strongly align with the morals we possess as a company and as individuals. “Atlantic” stands for where our services will be provided, in the Atlantic Ocean region. We are proud to have home inspectors who are honest and trustworthy, dependable, efficient, and knowledgeable.

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Experienced and Safe

Our inspectors have a great mastery of the components of a home, everywhere from driveways to built-in appliances. They also have experience designing custom homes, therefore they have a thorough understanding of assembling home components and how they work together. Our ultimate goal as a company is to share our experiences and provide each home buyer and seller with the knowledge that equips them to maintain a safe and efficient home.

Service with Integrity

There is much that goes into selling or purchasing a new home, and we understand that some things may go overlooked or that it’s easy to miss a few steps in the process. We are glad to say that our inspectors are very detail-oriented, thorough, and trustworthy. We encourage the buyer and seller to both be present during the inspection. This ensures that all parties are well-informed on all matters and issues and remain on the same page throughout the process.

Furthermore, we realize that even after our work is completed, additional matters may arise or you may have unanswered questions. That is why we welcome calls from clients at any time after the inspection. We want to maintain as much availability as possible to give our clients the best service we can offer.

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Create Request List Feature

Core Atlantic is glad to offer the Create Request List (CRL) feature. This feature enables our clients to make smoother negotiations. You can work on your list anywhere with a stable wifi connection. Once completed, you can hand it to your real estate agent and it will be included with the standard repair addendum.

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Extra Care Feature

Once you receive a report from us, you can share the information with a local agent. At that point, they can then provide you with a personalized insurance quote. We know that this is a lengthy endeavor, and this will save you time and energy.

Weekend Appointment Home Inspections

For Your Convenience

Our inspectors pride themselves on their dependability and timeliness. As a rule, we return reports within 24 hours of completing an inspection. It’s safe to say that most of us are quite busy during the week, having jobs to report to and family to care for. For your convenience, we offer weekend appointments and online payments. Please feel free to book with us at your convenience.

Core Atlantic Home Inspections

Area of Home Inspection Services

Maryland's Eastern Shore, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester County

Give us a call anytime, including weekends and evenings, to schedule your inspection service. Fully insured with Errors and Omissions Insurance.

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